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About us

The past seven years were full of challenges and adventures. When we have started our riding centre we did not knew what to expect. I think we were quite daring starting such a challenge. When our first horse Selid arrived to us we did not knew how to feed these noble animals. We had not any previous experiences with such animals. However, we had friends who helped and encouraged us to continue and realiye our dreams. We were traveling a lot and learning, joining different courses, visiting farms in Hungary, Poland and in the Netherlands. These experiences have changed us and our life completely.

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Our mission

What does Selid Equestrian Centre means for us? We were talking with my husband about this subject one day. Is it about horse riding? No, not only. Is it about health? Yes, also about health. Is it about culture and traditions? Yes, of course and about sport, hobby and a meeting place for families and youth.

The most important for us is to let people enjoy themselves during their stay at our farm, let them try new experiences.

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Contact info

Selid Equestrian Center
Transcarpathia, Vynohradiv, Pivnichna street 25.
+38 095 9060892