In our riding centre, we are giving riding lessons individually or in groups for beginners and for intermediate riders. In Transcarpathia we are the only ones who can provide riding lessons on Ukrainian, Hungarian and if it is needed in English languages. Lessons for beginners are lasting 30 minutes. During this time riders can try voltage (horseback exercises) and riding on a longe. We are teaching our riders how to clean and how to saddle a horse. During horse grooming, future riders can have a better contact with the horse and prepare themselves to the new experience. It is useful to spend more time near the horses before we sit on a saddle. You can get to know more the horse and its habits and can discuss details with the instructor what to expect during the ride.

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Selid Equestrian Center
Transcarpathia, Vynohradiv, Pivnichna street 25.
+38 095 9060892