Developing horse culture in Transcarpathia

In the last years, there are fewer horses on the streets. In our town, we can meet only horse drawn wagons transporting building materials. There are only few of them working. In 2016, we have organized a festival for them. We could collect only 13 horse drawn wagons in Vynohradiv. Comparison with old photos it is really not much. These wonderful animals deserve more attention If they get the care from us, they will reciprocate with things that make richer our hearts. Our goal is to get more people to know and love riding and horse sports in the future.

A magyar kultúra és hagyományok megőrzése, terjesztése.

Developing Hungarian culture and traditions in Transcarpathia

There is no future without past. We need to know and present our past, our culture, so that we can have a future for the Hungarians to stay in Transcarpathia. For this purpose, we launched our traditional program «Following Our Ancestors”, which has been organized three times so far. In the first year, we were organizing a show of hussars and equestrian archers. Rudolf Vajda and Zsolt Horák were hussars from Kecskemét in 2016. A year later, we presented the Battle of Pozsony with 25 local people. The rehearsals and preparations made our team a cheerful community. In 2018, we could get to know more about the adventures of St László. By this time, the number of our performers increased to 54 people. Our team of Baranta had regular training sessions for young people to practice ancient Hungarian martial art. This year our topic is the protection of the Eger Castle; the performance will take place in May 18.

Lovasaink testi-lelki egyensúlyának megerősítése.

Strengthening the physical and psychological balance of our riders

Balance  – is the base of riding. It is very important in our lives to find our place, to be in peace with ourselves. We have noticed that our riders often come to us because there has been a change or a challenge in their lives that has thrown them out of their usual routine. Horses can help us to recover, to correct things, which are not in good order in our life. They reassure, strengthen, and discover. I have repeatedly observed that after the riding, the sad faces blossomed; riders could rejoice and smile again. The horse’s back can bear a lot of burden, be it physical or mental. They are our friends who can say anything; surely, they will not pass on…

A kárpátaljai fiatalok egészséges életmódra nevelése.

Promoting healthy lifestyle for Transcarpathian youth

We are cooperating with Stand By Us Foundation to provide as many free programs as possible for young people.  Ancient Hungarian martial art trainings, horse riding programs and summer camps can help the youth to live a healthier life. Moving is one of the basics of well-being, so we try to keep the teenagers active in the nature. At our center they can find new friends, join to a cheerful and active community. The valuable time youth spend with animals and friends makes positive effect on their development.

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