If somebody would say few years ago that we would work with horses, I would not believe it could be true. I could not even imagine this can happen. Our life before meeting horses was very active, as we were working with the Dutch World Servants Christian Organization. As coordinators in Transcarpathia we could travel a lot and meet wonderful people. I have enjoyed our job as we could do useful things for our country, we could make it better.

Our goals are the same as years ago, only our “tools” has changedJ.  We try to give people much joy and attention through new experiences. Families visiting our centre can have cheerful programs with their kids. They can relax and fill themselves with new energy. Through the past years, we could meet wonderful people, who were very kind and careful to us. The kindness and care we have received in the last years we like to share with our visitors.

Since 2012, we are working hard to create a place where our guests can feel themselves happy and excited. Programs for families and the youth are really successful. People can spend valuable time together. The youth is our power; they are our future, so we are very happy to spend much time with them. They can learn horse-riding, shooting from arrow, having various activities during our summer camps.

Families with little kids can also spend active time at our center. Children can try themselves in a safe surrounding. We have trampolines and a nice playground for the little ones. Horse addicted children are welcome! J

Traditions are very important for us. They are connecting us with the power of our ancestors. We can learn much from them, during learning and teaching their way of living. We are organizing Historical Horse Shows every year with different subjects. This way people can better imagine the act of our ancestors and through horses, they can feel the power of a battle, for example.

Horses can connect the past with the future through the riding in the present time, enjoying new experiences.

I am very thankful to everybody who helped us to create the Selid Equestrian Center.

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Selid Equestrian Center
Transcarpathia, Vynohradiv, Pivnichna street 25.
+38 095 9060892