Archery has played an important role in people’s lives since ancient times. The signs of the earliest archery survived from 50,000 years ago. Hunting and fighting needed strong bows. Equestrian archery made warriors much faster and more efficient. We want to revive the hunting and fighting methods of our ancestors with the archery. In group sessions, martial art trainings and major events and festivals, we offer participants the opportunity to try out this sport. You can also apply individually, but you can have fun even on birthdays. There is also an indoor and outdoor archery, so you can practice even if the weather is bad.  We provide high quality equipment. If you like to try the archery you need to call us in advance.


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Selid Equestrian Center
Transcarpathia, Vynohradiv, Pivnichna street 25.
+38 095 9060892